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Having completed my degree in Photography in 2017 and been Chairman of Daventry Photographic Society for 10 years, I wanted to branch out and visit other clubs in order to develop my own image analytical and critique skills by providing judging services to other clubs.


I have been listed in the MCPF/PAGB Handbook as an approved judge since 2014 and have completed judging visits to over 40 different clubs in the Midlands area. It is gratifing to be asked back to the same club on many occasions!


Judging is a very difficult task which I take very seriously.  I believe offering a consistent and quality critique of each and every image within the time constraints of a typical ‘competition evening’ is what entrants expect.


I feel that it should be a meaningful learning experience for entrants and they should feel that their efforts are rewarded with sensible and constructive comments which will help them to develop as a photographer.  Entrants should see any comments (positive and negative) as fair and reasonable and see them as helpful and instructive.


I aim to avoid clichés such as ‘well seen’, or an over-emphasis on cropping. I will talk to the image and try my best to engage with the club members.   I try to be objective and leave any biases at home.

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