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I have three prepared lectures, which I have developed and delivered to a number of camera clubs in the Midlands area. A short summary of each is shown below. Please contact me if you require further details.



Composition is the key to creating interesting and exciting images, which reflects your own particular style. The choices you make regarding frame, focus, timing and viewpoint set you apart from other photographers.  This presentation takes a detailed look at the approaches to composition taken by a number of famous photographers and examines the rules of composition: the ones you can safely ignore and the ones that nearly always work!



Showing the ‘personality’ of the sitter is now endemic in the photography media. This presentation looks at how you might go about showing a sitter’s personality in a portrait and how effective other artists and photographers have been over the years in achieving this. The presentation draws from the author’s own work, the art world and a selection of the photographic ‘masters’ both historical and contemporary.



Social documentary is an area of photography which can make a real difference to people's lives. The presentation looks at the historic perspective of social documentary and some of the key practitioners in the twentieth century.  The presentation finishes with a look at some social documentary projects and provides some ideas for your own project.


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"Your talk to us on Tuesday evening was absolutely fascinating and definitely gave us a new look at composition.

I’m sure we all gained a different insight into the various theories and practicalities of composition and I must be totally honest and say that I’d never thought of colour as having ‘weight’ but your plain English explanations made things crystal clear.


Alan Lawrence ARPS

Wolverhampton Photographic Society"

"Thank you for giving the members of D&RPS a very enjoyable evening on the 21st September, with your talk - "Social Documentary - Does it make a difference?".  It was a different talk to the "norm", but I have received a lot of feedback from the members who say how much they enjoyed the evening - so WELL DONE, and many thanks,


Derek Buckett

Programme Secretary - Desborough & Rothwell PS"

Some of the many comments received ....