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About One in Eight Men will get Prostate Cancer in the UK.  The after-effects of cancer treatment for men with Prostate Cancer raise some very intimate issues such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction which are very difficult to deal with. The project turns the camera onto myself and my wife and family and includes some self-portraits which attempt to show the after effects of treatment on well-being, feelings of loss of manhood and self-worth as well as the sense of bereavement felt by my wife.  Inspired by the work of Larry Sultan (Pictures from Home), and others who turned their cameras on their own family to document and communicate their feelings in private and intimate situations.  

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The book is intended to challenge perceptions of older people, how they spend their time, what contribution they can make,   If we can change ageism attitudes from all sectors of the community we can develop policies which can benefit all of us.    After all we are all on the same journey; we will all be old eventually.   The book could be used in schools to illustrate to young people how older people live and to help them understand that getting old does not mean there should be no contact with the younger generations.  In fact unless we have regular contact the old get isolated and negative stereotypes get reinforced causing fear and unnecessary concern.  On the other hand the younger generations can see what older people have to offer and appreciate how much they might learn from them. 

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